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Tooth pain can cause anxiety, especially when you’re worried about what to do and how much it will cost. It can be scary to consider that you’ll need an invasive procedure or even lose the tooth, but it’s important to know that your dentist is here to help. Tooth pain can indicate a serious issue, but your dentist can intervene and help preserve your tooth’s function with the right steps. If your tooth hurts or is sensitive or swollen, it might be the result of decay, which means it can be easily fixed through root canal therapy.

Our endodontists’ priority is to save your existing teeth. You should see an endodontist if you are having tooth pain, tenderness or believe you have infected teeth. You can reach out to us on your own or ask to be referred to our experts by your general dentist or other healthcare provider.

Tooth decay begins to happen when bacteria eat away at the enamel, and you can often tell this is happening when it hurts to bite or chew. This is because the enamel is weakened and there’s less protection between the underlying nerves and the outside world. When the decay becomes advanced, it can affect the deep structures of the tooth, including blood vessels and nerves, causing the patient pain even when you don’t put pressure on it. When detected early, tooth decay can be easily corrected with a simple composite filling or similar restorative technique. When the decay becomes an infection that spreads beyond the outer layers of the enamel and invades the pulp and root, root canal therapy is usually necessary.

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