Dental Implant vs Dentures – Pros and Cons

Life is not the same when you lose your teeth. You seldom start smiling, discard foods that are hard to chew, and eventually lose your self-esteem. Fortunately, our restorative dentists have multiple solutions to restore your teeth and bring back your esteem. One of the most popular options is implants.

Today we’ll discuss five advantages of implants over dentures.


1) Comfortability

Dentures are uncomfortable when you start using them. It creates pain while you eat food.
Also, the fitting primarily creates an uncomfortable pain in the teeth.

2) Maintenance

Dentures need regular maintenance as the food particles get stuck between the teeth and the dentures. In comparison, implants only need care given to normal teeth.

3) Effects on Jaw Bone

Dentures cause jaw bone deterioration. Also, missing teeth cause the reabsorption of minerals into the Jaw bone, resulting in facial collapse, a severe medical condition. In comparison, implants strengthen the Jaw Bone.


4) Adjustments or Adhesives

Dentures need constant adjustments to keep them in place properly. To further secure them, messy adhesives are needed since implants are surgically put into the jaw bone with no adjustments or adhesives.

5) Natural Teeth

Dentures never provide the feel of natural teeth. Dental implants paired with crowns, on the other hand, give the same feeling as natural teeth.


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